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Posted by benlie at Apr 13, 2017 1:10:10 PM
Re: DPI Upscaling 200% From 1080 to 4k No Longer Works After Update
The goal of this update was for the YPP client to automatically handle the scaling process, so that players don't have to manually fiddle with upscale settings. This is the first case I've heard of since the update where the client window is still too small. Could you tell me what screen resolution your monitor is set to, as well as the resolution that you're running the game at? This can be found in "Ye" -> "Options" -> "General".

Hi Forculus,

I'm running my laptop monitor at 4k resolution (3820x2160); it's set in Windows 10 to run at 200% scaling ("Change the the size of text, apps, and other items: 200%"). Of note is that a 1920x1080 external monitor is hooked up by HDMI, with no scaling set (100%). However, I have tested running the game both with and without DPI scaling, with and without the second monitor hooked up and no difference was made.

The game is set to 1920x1080 (32bit).

In the past, I was able to successfully have Windows 10 upscale using its 200% scaling so that this 1080 resolution would appear at 4k resolution (with properly scaled UI). This upscaling was only able to be done when the javaw file (the one in the Steam -> common -> steamapps installation folder of YPP) was set to Windows XP compability mode version 2; I forget what happened when this compability mode wasn't checked.

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