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Posted by pegasiswolf at Mar 25, 2017 8:54:17 PM
XMAS IN JULY 2017 - July 7th - 24hr grandfrig pilly - TONS of PRIZES

as will be 24 hr NONSTOP pillage on a GRANDFRIG ...

there will be AT LEAST 15 FAMILIARS to win this year!!!!

date is set to start July 7, 2017.. at 10am game time ... and end July 8, 2017.. at 10am game time.. so it should not interfere with any blockades (jobbing offer goes up 9:30am!!)

the format will be generally the SAME as previous years...

Xmas in July 2011
Xmas in July 2012
Xmas in July 2013
Xmas in July 2014
Xmas in July 2015
Xmas in July 2016

we sail nonstop.. get into battles along the way... like a regular pillage.. with 4 main differences....

1) everyone that comes.. will be given a FREE red candycane outfit (red stripeys)

2) we will also have hundreds of SMALL items that will be passed out RANDOMLY as 'stocking stuffers' by the "elves' all day

3) every few minutes.. we will be doing trivia word games, station challenges, and other fun things to win 1 of 400 wrapped presents ... that could be familiars--ships--pets--furniture--OM items--poe--dubs --or other great items ... (check back for the sneak peak later in this same thread)

4) we will be keeping track of duty reports and giving out points based on performance.... with prizes for the overall top 4 scores in EACH station type (so the longer u stay the more points u can rack up.. points do NOT have to be consecutive.. yes you may leave and then come back.. so hop on often)

Points will be given as follows:
2 pts. for each Incredible
1 pt. for each Excellent

***points for gunning station will be scored differently (and will NOT count towards the 'combined overall score') (more information on this later... as we work out the changes to the scoring tool)

SCORING WILL BE AUTOMATED... that means we will only need a momentary pause at each DR to tally..


Top combined OVERALL score (regardless of station(s)) will Win a PLUM-COLORED LE OCTOPUS named Sugarplum!!!!!

Top MALE pirate will win a Green /Tan PARROT FAMILIAR!!
Top FEMALE pirate will win a Red /Tan PARROT FAMILIAR!!

(note: there will be THREE overall winners... so technically one of the winners will be the 2nd place overall for their gender)

the 3 top winners will have a PORTRAIT taken with Santa (peg) titled "Xmas in July 2016 Winners" taken....(a framed copy will be placed in our HALL OF FAME onboard the Event ship for posterity...and each will receive a copy for their portrait page)

The pirate that stays the LONGEST will win a BLACK OCTOPUS named 'Coal'!!! you MUST be onboard when we set sail and can NOT leave the ship for ANY reason (if there is a TIE for longest, we will use an onboard gaming table to determine the winner, ie., each pirate spinning the roulette wheel once and highest number wins! smaller but significant prizes will be given to those that do not win the playoff)

1st place Sails -Yuletide Class Sloop
1st place Rigs -Yuletide Class Sloop
1st place Carp -Yuletide Class Sloop
1st place Patching -Yuletide Class Sloop
1st place Bilge -Yuletide Class Sloop
1st place Guns -Yuletide Class Sloop

2nd place Sails -Arctic Class Sloop
2nd place Rigs -Arctic Class Sloop
2nd place Carp -Arctic Class Sloop
2nd place Patching -Arctic Class Sloop
2nd place Bilge -Arctic Class Sloop
2nd place Guns -Arctic Class Sloop

3rd place Sails - Red /Green Decorated sloop
3rd place Rigs - Red /Green Decorated sloop
3rd place Carp - Red /Green Decorated sloop
3rd place Patching - Red /GreenDecorated sloop
3rd place Bilge - Red /Green Decorated sloop
3rd place Guns - Red /GreenDecorated sloop

4th place Sails - Plain sloop
4th place Rigs - Plain sloop
4th place Carp - Plain sloop
4th place Patching - Plain sloop
4th place Bilge - Plain sloop
4th place Guns - Plain sloop

There will also be "S E C R E T - T R I G G E R " prizes (special prizes) - including but not limited to:

-Wine/white SPIDER FAMILIAR -named "Xmas Cheer"
-'Golden Nugget' - Banana/Black custom renamed sloop with Treasure and other decorations, corsairs helm/cannons, dragon figurehead
-Ghost small dog

There will be 400 wrapped presents this year!!!

Present(s) will be won every few minutes.. (400 in 24hrs.. averages 16+ per hour)....for various reasons (could be top good on carp this league.... could be XMAS TRIVIA... WORD PUZZLE...could be 1st/14th/37th and 87th in treasure haul lol.... could be the first person to show me a requested item... could be ANYTHING THAT POPS IN MY HEAD.... something for all skills levels).. the winner will win C H O I C E of ANY numbered pressie onboard.... so its totally FAIR... pick carefully :)

We will also have portrait easels onboard ... take a portrait to commemorate ur participation... (just ask if you would like 'Santa' or one of the 'Elves' to join your portrait)

There will even be 4 "Portrait with Santa" prizes wrapped up!!!

I will make a separate comment with a sneak peak at SOME of the wrapped prizes later!!!

MARK UR CALENDARS NOW .. so u dont miss out !!!

-----if you have anything to donate as prizes... or would like to be an "Elf"...plz contact Pegasiswolf in-game (and ONLY Pegasiswolf.. if anyone else claims to be accepting donations for xmas in july.. plz... use /complain)...

this is really a group effort... can use all the help we can get .. ty ty :) -------

(i will EDIT and update this same thread with more info often... so feel free to bookmark this page to stay informed)
Pegasiswolf- Captain of Dream Catchers and Queen of Fleet of Dreams -Emerald

host of XMAS IN JULY event 2011 to 2020

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