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Posted by budclare2 at Nov 23, 2016 8:49:50 AM
Re: Familiar/Pet Colors Needed
Reason #22243 why the pelicans are a pain in the butt: Those yellow highlights that make a lot of the scene views useless, too. That one I was calling rose brown (now "unnamed 2") really is that pink if it's facing the right way. It just looks seriously beigey or even yellow from other views.

I might end up going back to rose brown, and naming the lighter shade tea rose. I'm not thrilled about this. Or dusty rose and light dusty rose? I really deeply hate to use three words for one color, though.

So, four pinks, and only three pinks previous in-game. Even if I go back to calling the dark pink "magenta" (which in some contexts is the more similar color, but it really, really does not look magenta in a portrait with magenta clothes and fam, and looks very close to pink wigs) and the medium pink "pink" (it is pretty similar to the parrot feather "pink", for instance, even if in other contexts it's closer to rose), and go back to calling "unnamed 1" "rose"...well, that shade really doesn't resemble the in-game rose anyway.

/e curls up in a ball
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