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Posted by Ghostbeardz1 at Oct 31, 2016 9:31:45 AM
Re: As a fine and occasionally poor player, am I dead weight compared to a bot?
Yarr, I figured I would add one more fun fact about the ships we have here on Puzzle Pirates.

For every ship we have here in the game, the only mathematical way to get that ship to full capacity be with having real pirate players. If a Baghlah or War Brig or Xebec be half full, the only way for that ship to get from half full to 100% full, be when players like yerself come to the rescue. A lot of Cap'ns like us reach points halfway through our pillages where we don't even have swabbies or bots, where the whole future of the pillage will rely on having a courageous group of real player pirates fighting together to win the treasure. For a pilly like that, we are always overjoyed to hear the whistle when a player like yerself wishes to board the ship.

For each & every one of these ships, the only way for that ship to reach it's true potential, be by having a group of brave pirates working together.
Ghostbeards of Emerald
Senior Officer of The Royal United Navy

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