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Posted by budclare2 at Oct 15, 2016 4:50:30 PM
Re: Familiar/Pet Colors Needed
seatexan wrote: 

No idea what this color is.

I'm now leaning towards calling those feathers peach, the old peach "dark peach", and adding a "rose brown" feather color for this infernal bird. (At a glance, it looks roughly tannish...but it's a lot pinker. And the beak is driving me nuts because I think it's meant to be persimmon, but it's so fricking red.)

Basically, I think we've officially run out of pre-existing colors and I'm now making things up. :(

Grr, argh.

I've been trying to catch you so I can get a screenshot of it in-scene to help me figure out the colors, but you haven't been on. Just so you know that you're being stalked...
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