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Posted by Javelo at May 3, 2016 11:08:26 AM
Suggestions for advertising on a small budget

I have wrote a small marketing plan with a realistic budget of $ 5 000. The prices and estimates are based of a quick research, and this should only be looked upon as draft and not a finished market plan (Obviously). This game is dying, we all know it. However it still got potential, and with some marketing the game base could expand, and as such it could lead to the game being profitable and worth working on. The market plan will only focus on FB and Google based advertising, which in its self is limited. However it should be sufficient.


Where is the advertising?

Newsupdate on computer (On the FB page), Newsupdate on phones, right side on computers (On the FB page), third party apps
and websites on phones and on instagram.

Cost - 2 5000
Countries: Norway, France, Germany, England, Wales, Northern Ireland
Daily reach:

FB 17 000 - 46 000
Instagram: 22 000 - 59 000
Total daily: 39 000 - 105 000
Total potential: 44 000 000

Timeframe: 240 days


What kind of advertising?

This advertising is based on keywords, and will appear on multiple websites. The advertising will be based of keywords which the "target" has to search for.
These can be "Puzzle" "Puzzles" "Free games" "Games online" etc.

Cost - 2 500
Reach: World wide

Daily clicks - 500 +
Daily views - 86 000

Timeframe: 240 days

Total cost: 5 000.

Target group would be wide in this case, as this game fits for everyone, from young to old. From the one with a lot of sparetime, as well as the one with a stressfull day.
As such the age group selected on FB is 13-65. On Google you can not choose age group, as the ads are based of keywords.

Sorry for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

- Javelo
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