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Posted by CapnKkatz at Jan 27, 2016 2:36:31 PM
Re: EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game 2016 - [Deadline: February 24]
Thanks for updating this Ms. Clotho!
Updated! Please let me know if I missed anything.

Nothing missing, however all of the following are redundant as they are referenced within the first two links, so they can be deleted from your post if you wish to simplify things:
-- Faeree's 3DS Max 2014 Tutorial with Photoshop
-- Silveransom's egg tutorial for Blender
-- Adrielle's egg tutorial for 3DS 2010
-- Silveransom's 2008 egg reference template thread
-- Silveransom's egg rendering tutorial or the simpler 2008 updated version here
-- Ponytailguy's tutorial for testing the designs in 3DS-MAX
-- Inghild's tutorial for testing your own egg designs using Povray
-- Greylady's Photoshop tutorial to reposition your skin image and "wrap" it by a given number of pixels

All we really need are:
-- YPPedia Egg Design page
-- YPPedia Helpful art tutorials and resources
Greylady, Meridian & Emerald, Greyladyy on Cerulean

Get cracking and scrambling! Eggs are here!!

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