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Posted by Clotho at Jan 27, 2016 2:26:38 PM
Re: EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game 2016 - [Deadline: February 24]
Yay! So happy to see it's eggy time again!

I noticed that you are still referencing the old tutorials in your "Tips and tricks and links and things" post. I know that Faeree created an updated egg rendering tutorial and also updated the Egg Design YPPedia page and the Art:Helpful art tutorials and resources page. It would be a lot clearer to point everyone to the Egg Design page as this page makes it clearer which tutorials will most likely work with the current version of the software, yet still references the older tutorials and links to the Helpful art tutorials and resources page. Just a helpful suggestion! If not, please add Faeree's tutorial to the current list.
Faeree's 3DS Max 2014 Tutorial with Photoshop

Updated! Please let me know if I missed anything.
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