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Posted by KingOfZeal at Aug 18, 2014 5:46:38 AM
Re: Pirate Commodity Trader... with Bleach! A new 3rd party tool
Do they expect me to wisk around and use pen and paper to find the best places to sell anything? I think not.

Who is "they"? It's not like OOO created this 3rd party tool and it was nice of the creators that did make it to even share it. :)

A wonderful place for me to interject.

As some of you may know, I'm responsible for the host where PCTB currently resides. I am not able to get in contact with the person who originally wrote PCTB, though it has been maintained periodically by other people who are kind enough to spend some of their time on this project.

However, after some discussion with my business partner, we have decided to discontinue using the host we are using for PCTB. Since I have little knowledge of the application and how it works (and unfortunately little free time to devote to finding it out), I wanted to give everyone a heads up prior to the cancelling of the service. At this time, it looks like we will be terminating the service on or around Sept 20.

While I do not actively participate in Puzzle Pirates anymore (again, the whole free time thing), I would be willing to help migrate everything to another host. My personal recommendation is Azure, which will be a far more stable environment, and they do have free website services. I would even be willing to put it on my own personal Azure subscription, assuming we can use the free option and everything still works.

At this point I do not know who would want to take point on migration. If you feel you would like to do this, please reach out to me via PM here, or IM as listed in my profile, and we can discuss it further. Technical expertise (especially as far as how the PCTB client/server work) would definitely help with this.
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