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Posted by Rhyliepirate at Jun 14, 2014 7:50:12 AM
"W E R E W O L F" - Big Prizes

Bringing back an old game that I used to play all the time, and the original hosts no longer do it, and since it was so fun, I want to bring it back and try to host it myself. I've copied this from old forums and edited it slightly.

Werewolf is a role playing game.


The game will be held at Rhylie's Manor on Turtle Island. You may /tell me asking for a whisk if there is a game.

Is there an entry fee?
No. It is free to play.

What are the prizes?
Rhylie will provide all the prizes. Prizes can vary depending on Rhylie's bank account. Can be anything from PoE, to ships, to pets, etc.

How many people play at once?
Around 10-14 people.

How is the game played?
First, we will all join in one large circle. The host, will lead you through the game.

The game takes place in a "village." We are all in one large circle, and First it will be nighttime, and the lights go off. You should not talk at night, since you are "sleeping." I then in /tells the host will tell you your role. (See below for roles) NOBODY should know your role except for the host. (Some roles have exceptions.) Once you know your role, you do your job, of whatever that role requires, and then the lights come on, and it becomes day. Roles will be chosen randomly. The nighttime is the time when all the villagers are asleep and the chaos will happen, and the werewolves come out.

The host will give updates on what happened last night, and she will announce who was eaten by the werewolves. That person is now eliminated from the game. Then I will give everyone a moment or two to talk to each other out loud. Werewolves try to hide the fact that they are a werewolf. Don't give yourself away. Then when I say it's time to vote....

When it is time to vote, you will send the host a /tell of who you vote to be "burned". (Or kicked out of the game.) You are voting on who you think the werewolves are. Please only say your vote once, as it will only be counted once. The werewolves vote too, just to keep the game fair. Then the person with the most votes is kicked out of the game. If there is a tie, it will be settled by a sword fight. After voting, a new round starts and the same thing happens until there is one winner.

Your goal in this game is to stay alive. The werewolves goal is to try to stay undiscovered. (keeping everyone believing that they are NOT the werewolf.) The villagers goal is to try to vote out the werewolves and have them killed.


Note: Roles are chosen randomly. Your roles stay the same each round, unless changed by the "Thief."

Werewolf #1: You will decide with Werewolf #2 at night (through tells) on who you want to eat. Then you /tell Rhylie.

Werewolf #2: You will decide with Werewolf #1 at night (through tells) on who you want to eat. Then you /tell Rhylie.

Thief: You will pick any pirate that is playing, and /tell Rhylie their name. Then starting the next round, you will switch roles with them.

Silverkeeper: You hold silver, which means you cannot be eaten by the werewolves because they are scared of the silver. You may hold or pass it too a friend. You will get it back the next round if you pass it.

Shielder: You hold a shield, which means you cannot be voted out of the game. You may hold or pass it too a friend. You will get it back the next round if you pass it.

Spy: You /tell Rhylie a name in the room and then I tell you their role, you are to keep it to yourself though. Please do not tell the others.

Scapegoat: When there is more than 2 people that tie in votes, (i.e. 3 or 4 people tied) The scapegoat is the sacrifice, and automatically eliminated. (If there are only 2 tied, they SwordFight)

Villager: You are an innocent villager that does not do anything besides try to stay alive.






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