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Posted by Clotho at Feb 4, 2014 8:37:52 PM
EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game [Announcing the winners!]
"Eggs, Eggs!"

It's Time To Design Egg Furniture!

The wait is now ova! Here's your chance to design Eggs to become furniture items in the game. We need you to design us the most awesome Eggs you can, and we'll be picking out the best designs to put into the game. Remember that you have to design the flat square design that will then be rendered onto an egg shape - you don't design a finished egg-shaped design.

Post your entries in the Entry thread here

-- Include your design in your entry post as an image, using image tags .
-- Images must be 256 x 256 pixels
-- Images must be .png format
-- Include pirate name and ocean in your post
-- If you have a preference on whether your egg (if chosen) is purchaseable or unpurchaseable, make sure to mention this as well.
-- You can enter up to 8 designs each. These must all be in a single post - edit your post to change or add designs.

To post an image:
-- Save your image at the correct size as a .png image on your computer
-- Upload it to a website - either your own webspace, or use one of the main free sites such as,,, etc, and get the url for the image on that site.
-- Ensure that your image is not in a private area that requires log-in to view. Get a mate to check they can see it with your url.
-- In your entry post, enclose the url in image tags as shown here and here
-- PREVIEW BEFORE POSTING - if the image isn't showing on preview, check your url and tags.
-- Remember to add your pirate name and ocean before posting.

Tips and tricks and links and things:
-- Your design should be able to 'wrap' - this means that the two sides of the design should join up seamlessly with no discontinuity where the two sides meet. Test this by laying two copies of your design side by side and check if it has an unsightly seam running down the egg. Please note that while we encourage artists to present seamless designs, a seam is acceptable as long as the egg looks good when rendered. If you are unable to make a seamless design no matter how hard you try, submit the entry anyway if you feel your design is good!
-- Remember the shape-changing effect of putting your design round an egg. A design that looks sensible in a square template could look strange on the final egg model. Keep in mind that your design may be rotated for the final egg.
-- The scene also really burns out the details, so make the whole thing slightly darker than you would think. Slightly!
-- Keep it simple. The design has to work on a relatively small object, make sure your design shines through.
--This YPPedia page shows the winning Easter eggs from 2006 to 2013.

These links are included not just as a reminder of previous entries, but also because the threads contain a lot of useful information, and probably answer most of the questions that are likely to come up this year!

2013: event thread -- entry thread -- entries flat version -- entries rendered versions -- People's Choice Easter Eggs!
2012: event thread -- entry thread -- entries flat version -- entries rendered versions -- People's Choice Easter Eggs!
2011: event thread -- entry thread -- entries flat version -- entries rendered versions -- People's Choice Easter Eggs!
2010: event thread -- entry thread -- entries flat version -- entries rendered versions -- People's Choice Easter Eggs!
2009: event thread -- entry thread -- entries flat version -- entries rendered versions .. People's Choice Easter Eggs!
2008: event thread -- entry thread -- entries rendered versions -- People's Choice Easter Eggs!
2007: event thread -- entry thread -- entries rendered versions
2006: event thread -- entry thread -- entries flat version -- entries rendered versions

-- Silveransom's egg tutorial for Blender
-- Adrielle's egg tutorial for 3DS 2010
-- Silveransom's 2008 egg reference template thread
-- Silveransom's egg rendering tutorial or the simpler 2008 updated version here
-- Ponytailguy's tutorial for testing the designs in 3DS-MAX
-- Inghild's tutorial for testing your own egg designs using Povray
-- Greylady's Photoshop tutorial to reposition your skin image and "wrap" it by a given number of pixels

-- In previous years, there have been kind folk willing and able to host a "Test Rendering Thread", which allows people who don't have access to appropriate software the chance to see their designs rendered and tweak them before deciding their final entries. If you want to see your design rendered on to an egg shape before posting it as an official entry, try this thread set up by Greylady.

These threads where designs from previous years were tested before being finalized - take a look - it will give you lots of ideas for what works and what doesn't!
-- 2013 rendering test thread
-- 2012 rendering test thread
-- 2011 rendering test thread
-- 2010 rendering test thread
-- 2009 rendering test thread
-- 2008 rendering test thread
-- 2007 rendering test thread
-- Guppymomma's Rendered Eggs thread from 2006

-- If you want a copy of the basic egg mesh file, you can get it from YPPedia here, or link to the file directly here. It's linked from You can use this if you wish to test your design and you have a 3D modeling program. Note that you do not need to do this to enter - just if you want to try it out yourself.
-- If you're keen to test it, there are easy downloads of 30 days free trial versions of some 3D modeling software (e.g. 3D studio max or Blender). You may need a renderer plug-in.
-- Quick instructions on how to get the correct viewpoint for the eggs are here.

I'm not an expert with these bits of software, so if there are updated instructions I should link to or other useful tutorials I may have missed, I'll be happy to edit these in! Thanks again to those people who have helped in the past with rendering and YPPedia pages, and to those who (I hope!) will do so this year, thanks in advance. This Eggomelet wouldn't be the same without you all!

The deadline for egg designs is Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 - 11:59 PM game time.
If yours is one of the winning designs chosen, your prize is to get your design created as a bit of in-game furniture, and you'll be given a couple of eggs in your design and the Gilded Egg trophy if you don't already have it.

Go forth and lay eggs!
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