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Posted by JJAPS2 at Nov 19, 2013 1:37:18 PM
Re: [idea] "Stream-friendly" CI competition format
Have you looked at ?

Yes, I have, but since that would be asynchronous, it would be very difficult to stream. The goal here is to have something "watchable."

On the other hand I'm not interested in having my CI runs streamed. I don't want people to be able to read my chat and editing the video would be countering the idea behind the event.

Point taken. I'm not sure if there's a way to put a "black box" on top of the chat in the screenshare program. If there was great, if not then that would be an issue.

I'm more worried about seeing Skype, as that could lead to security concerns.

And I can't imagine that a full CI run is interesting for people to watch. A short vid about the way in etc might be nice for less experienced players to learn, but watching someone to do the most boring bnav ingame for 15 minutes (alternatively a puzzle) and then watch rumbles/sf/forage is nothing exciting. No commentary can save that in my opinion.

There would be a puzzle involved, that's for sure. The commentary would focus more on if the sailors are capable of generating the required tokens. Additionally, it gives more of a break for the commentators to recap the action (after that great final run, the opposition is looking at a 10 CC run to tie the game, with 20 minutes left on the far their average is 8.5 CC per run, so they're going to have to have a great run to have a shot....)

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