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Posted by JJAPS2 at Nov 19, 2013 12:47:03 PM
[idea] "Stream-friendly" CI competition format
I'm slightly bored, and had thoughts about streaming and things. Because why not.

I've always had a "idea" of having a commentary-based stream of sorts. Something like the now retired OCL, but being streamed and commentated. I wanted to do something voyage based initially (mostly because it's what I'm most comfortable with talking about.) A pilly is really difficult to do in a competitive style, especially with varying spawns and what not. Cit runs would require a lot of people (2 brigs, 30 on each, 60 total,) and would ultimately focus on bnav and brawls, leaving a lot of people "out." Cades are an option but A) it is potentially a really touchy subject and B) would result in me missing out on a lot of poe...and I'm not really rich right now. (Although, perhaps in the future, it would be rather cool for new jobbers to hear commentary on what their ship, and therefore their puzzling, is actually accomplishing.)

CI's have the advantage of focusing on 7 people at a time, allowing for individuals to "shine" while giving everyone at least some exposure. It's also a event with a lot of breath required (good at the puzzle, good at tokens, good at SF, good at Rumble, and good at forage,) so this would make "team composition" a interesting challenge (In contrast to cit runs, which only require 2 puzzles, one of which generally isn't strongly challenged unless things go wrong.) There's also the question of thralling vs. quick in quick out in regard to tactics as well.

So think about this: 2 teams making runs to see who can get more CC/min, all while on camera, and commentated on for all to see. Although CIs are generally safe in terms of chances at success, the greatest challenge is attempting to optimize runs per unit time, as well as CCs per run.

So, with out further ado, here's my "specs" as to how I would do it. Feedback would be appreciated.

So, basically, each team gets XYZ time to accumulate as many CCs as possible. Now, we could do "Team 1 sets the bar, Team 2 chases the target," but that requires potential problems (mainly, team 2 has the advantage of knowing what they need to win.) So instead, I would do this:

One team is selected to go first. They enter the board, and make their first move, thus starting their clock. They go on like usual, either thralling or just going in. After the gauntlet, they leave just like usual. Once they hit the safe zone, their clock stops....and the other team's clock starts. They make their first run, come back, and stop their clock, which starts the other team's on and so forth. Eventually, both sides run out of time, and who ever accumulated the most CCs wins.

This allows for both teams to "share" the spotlight, instead of just focusing on one team for a extended period of time, then the other. As a side effect, it also allows for teams to sail back to port, split, come back, perhaps get rid of any boarders (I think a quick fray and disengage would not affect chest distribution,) and make adjustments between each entry. Perhaps it would allow for substitutions, but there would probably be restrictions (AKA whereas having a "thralling specialist" and a "quick entry specialist" would be a possibility, having 2 separate teams would not.)

This would also allow for recovery from sinks much more viable. If one was to sink on the way back, the clock would flip immediately (although any CCs on that run would obviously be negated.) If they sunk on the way there, then there would probably be a ABC delay, so that if the other ship is not hindered (if they're busy splitting or making a substitution.) Meanwhile, the side that sunk, although they took a large hit in terms of time, has some time to get a map, a sloop, and regroup without any further penalty. (Of course, there's the chance they would not be able to continue, in which case the rest of their time would be forfeit.)

Of course, this would all be streamed and commentated. Pirates would probably have to use some sort of screen-sharing software (obviously, this would be for display only, and no "remote control" would be allowed,) so that the commentators can actually see the puzzling going on (Ex: "The team's at 3 thralls thus far, they're only waiting on the bilge to get the next's one half...there's the other, now can the bilger get the parts together?.....No! A inadvertent clear took out one of the halves, that's gonna cost them....looks like the bnaver doesn't like how much time they have left on the clock, she's already starting toward the island, it looks like they aren't going to be able to get a full ship of thralls....) As the run goes along, the focus would switch between different pirates, with only 1-2 "puzzles" being viewed at a time (Ex: Great job by the sailors there, with a nigh-perfect quick entry start, they're at the island in record time. Now the responsibility shifts to A and B, the rumble experts on the team, how quickly can they deal with this first rumble? The clock is ticking...A starts focusing on the only EO in the group, he's got no one on him, he's doing a great job building his sprinkle chain...he breaks it, but will it be enough....Yes it will, the EO is quickly put down! Nice puzzling by A!) It would also be nice to have a "forage clock" graphic, but I'm not sure if the forage times are static or not...(Here's D, he's got the third CC of the run...Uh, oh, there's the warning call, the chest is still near the top of the screen....He's making ground really quick th...OH NO, HE'S TRAPPED!....but luckily he got a earthquake piece, can he use this to his advantage? row to go, he's gotta move that piece fast..3,2,1...ONE CLICK AWAY, so close but oh so far, looks like they'll only have 2 CCs, IF they win this next rumble....)

Questions to answer:

1) Is just looking at CC's a proper method of scoring, or should other chests be considered? (Of course, we also don't want a massive equation either, as this is supposed to be spectator friendly...)

2) How would the last run be dealt with? What happens if time runs out on their way out? During the gauntlet? On their way in?

Current answer: If going in, run is nullified
If going out, team is penalized 1 CC per T moves, any fraction rounded up, from when time expires. Cannot go below zero.
If in the gauntlet, must leave at earliest opportunity, exit penalty begins from the first move out of the island.
I don't know what T should be as of yet....

3) What should XYZ time be? It should preferably encourage teams to both thrall and quick entry at some point, while not making one option "overpowered", and not so long it requires a massive time commitment.

4) Would people be willing to screenshare in full screen? Are there any hidden problems attached with this? (This would also potentially reduce the power of bots, as it would be quite obvious if there's a "Bot window" up, or if things are flickering on screen...)

5) If you are a CIer, would you be interested in this format, either as a participant, or as a commentator?

6) Would you watch something like this?

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