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Posted by xelto at Oct 13, 2013 3:17:21 PM
Re: 'Potentially Compromised Account'
Today(Well around 30 minutes ago), I had been banned for the following reason "Potentially Compromised Account".

Although I somewhat understand what it means, 'Possibly Hacked Account', I fully don't understand the actual legit reason, because in my point of view, nothing new/different actually happened.

I don't want this to interfere with my appeal, I just wanted to know, what could be the other possible reason.

For whatever reason, OOO thinks that someone other than you may have accessed your account, or at least tried to. You will probably need to prove that you own the account in order to be reinstated. But like you said, follow the usual ban appeal setup, and hopefully you can get your account back soon. (It took me several days, for what it's worth.)
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