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Posted by Meehearties at Oct 12, 2013 6:08:37 AM
Here's a puzzle for you!
In need of help with this one. For some reason Orange, Maroon and Brown won't show up on my trinket page. I have been staring at this for ages. Can anyone see a glaringly obvious mistake that I am missing? Or is there a bigger problem with conch shells?


|width="40px" style="line-height: 130%; text-align: left; font-size: 10px; padding-top: 13px;" valign="top"|Conch Shell
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Red <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|red}}Red-->
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Tan <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|tan}}Tan-->
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|white}}White
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Black <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|black}}Black-->
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Grey <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|grey}}Grey-->
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Yellow <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|yellow}}Yellow-->
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|pink}}Pink
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Violet <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|violet}}Violet-->
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Purple <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|purple}}Purple-->
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|navy}}Navy
|width="40px" style="line-height: 130%; text-align: left; font-size: 10px; padding-top: 13px;" valign="top"|
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|blue}}Blue
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Aqua <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|aqua}}Aqua-->
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|lime}}Lime
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Green <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|green}}Green
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|orange}}Orange
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|maroon}}Maroon
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Brown <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|brown}}Brown
|[[Image:Item_box_unequip.png]]<br /> Gold <!--|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|gold}}Gold-->
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|rose}}Rose
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|lavender}}Lavender
|{{Colorize trinket|Conch shell|light green}}Light green
Hunter Ocean
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