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Posted by Ambrygold at Oct 8, 2013 1:20:30 PM
Why couldn't I attack Barnabas the Pale?
My question is why couldn't I attack Barnabas the Pale (spawned from a compass) just me and some swabbies?

I was bored and I got a Admiral Finius compass to see if I could win just me and the swabbies. And we did win. So then I decided I would try Barnabas, but when his ship came by the attack button never lit up (had no option to push it not even for a split second). I tried several times with no luck. Now the auto targeting was on, I had the voyaged configured easy to very hard brigs and barbs (and I played around with that so trying different setting to make sure that wasn't the problem). So my question is does anyone know why the attack button never lit up (why couldn't I try to fight Barnabas with the swabbies like I did with Admiral Finius (on the same day)?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you
Ambrygold of Cerulean Ocean

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