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Posted by Belthazar451 at Oct 4, 2013 2:46:33 PM
Re: trinkets SPECIFIC to Bananananana?
Woo. Real nice job on the grid, gromit - thought you said it was beyond your level of ability. =)

The template itself also needs updating before it'll work with the new image, but I'll just do that myself. Also need to go through all the pages that link to it and update them. Joy...

Just a curious about why all this flipping back and forth between images. Images get cached by the wiki, so if you update it, you'll need to refresh in order to see the new one.

Franklincain wrote: 
I've fixed it, yet again. *PLEASE* stop messing up the order; it is supposed to be alphabetical -- Banana, then Ice blue, then Spring green. In that order.

... Since when?

Also, I reckon it's worth putting the chocolate cupcakes on the same page, with a note saying they're called "chocolate cupcake" in-game. Make the chocolate cupcake page into a redirect.

I'd even ponder doing the same with the plum cloth bag (though admittely the difference between "plum pouch" and "cloth bag" is much greater than the difference between "chocolate cupcake" and "cupcake").

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