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Posted by Franklincain at Oct 4, 2013 6:21:53 AM
Re: trinkets SPECIFIC to Bananananana?
Please be aware that Three Rings named the chocolate-colored cupcake "Chocolate cupcake"; it is a SEPARATE trinket, DISTINCT from all other colors of the "Cupcake" trinket. Therefore, these two trinkets should have a LINK to each other.

(Obviously, Three Rings didn't think ahead when they made the "Chocolate cupcake". They did not retroactively update the name of that trinket when they created the other-colored "Cupcake" trinkets.)

Please, please, PLEASE stop deleting that link within the "Cupcake" article pointing to its orphan cousin the "Chocolate cupcake"...

Addendum: Color palettes should be in alphabetical order. Thus, Spring Green should be filed after Plum and before Wine.

Franklin W. Cain (Pirate FranklinCain on Meridian and other Oceans)
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