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Posted by gromit3 at Oct 2, 2013 3:15:55 PM
Re: trinkets SPECIFIC to Bananananana?
ok this is becoming compilcated to my simple mind i want to upload the banana trinkets now looking at it i am going to have to upload them to the cloth bag page etc which is far to small to input etc the ice cupcakes has a separtate spread unlike the choc and wine which are compined and the wooden boxs display wine and choc even though spring is there so if i added the banana dont think it would matter.

Sorry for being an amateur trying to help i managed the new gold box ones which am only missing 2 if anyone can help.

End of day did i do wrong or right can only learn from mistakes, you asked for new people to help as most i thought it was the OOO that did all this which it aint obviously.

Hats of to everyone in the back ground :)


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