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Posted by Belthazar451 at Oct 1, 2013 2:01:24 PM
Re: Fruit Foraging: What controls the spawning of chests?
JJAPS2 wrote: 
This is all well and good. . .but my primary question isn't what the rate is, but rather what causes the rate to be what it is. Is it supposed to be a static value (AKA probability is the same regardless of circumstances,) or is it based on something, like standing or DR results?

We did a fair bit of testing back when the puzzle first came out. Given the low probability of getting the three-column chests, it'd probably require a far larger sample size than we could produce for absolute confidence, but we did get fairly sure. Basically, what we determined was that standing, experience and performance appear to have no effect on the ratio of chests (aside from the learning-mode limitation that specifically prevents the big chests from appearing at all when you're only just playing the puzzle for the very first time).

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