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Posted by Booful at Sep 30, 2013 9:10:51 PM
Re: Limited Edition Portrait Background - From Shack to Hall Edition [Deadline: October 15th]
ok so I tried to listen to all your wonderful feedback (thank you!) hope I addressed all the concerns...not sure if I lowered the wall enough? (hope so...) took away a lot of clutter, moved some stuff and darkened the bottle so its not as bright a contrast. moved the wall and lowered and straightened it. I know there are lots on the floor, but I don;t always use a pet in my portraits so I am not too concerned about that part as I am sure there are some other daft pirates out there that do that too :)

I want to keep its fairly cluttered as that is what i am going for in this portrait :) (a cluttered shack) so i don;t really want to remove too much more if I cn avoid it...

But as always open to any feedback! Thank you so much for all the great ones so far ^_^

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