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Posted by PirateYoHo90 at Sep 30, 2013 8:21:59 PM
Re: Puzzle Pirates Box Edition anywhere?
I got mine as a used copy from Ebay for about $4 including shipping. The code was unused.

Come on, we're talking under $5 per attempt, so if you have to buy two or three before you find one with an unused code, big deal. It's not worth the seller's time for a few bucks to try to figure out if the code was used.

If you are really concerned about it, buy a copy sold as new.

Aarrtie on Emerald.

$5 is almost 1 hour of babysitting (I charge $8) so I dont want to spend that amount of time for a gamble if that makes sense. Also the like new on amazon is $14 for the only seller who answered me back :( The new copies on Amazon are $63+shipping. I'm a student so its not really worth $63 to me. There is one used "acceptable" copy on ebay and nothing else as far as I can find.

Thanks for answering :)
Tinycat on Cerulean
Kattzzy on Emerald

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