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Posted by wrs1864b at Sep 30, 2013 7:16:50 AM
Re: Anyone knows if there will be more islands colonized on Emerald?
I know the population isn't exactly high at the moment, but I still wonder if more islands will be colonized in the future? Some archipelagoes still don't have a colonized island..

On related note, anyone remembers which island was last colonized on Emerald, and when did it happen?

OOO has not allowed many islands to open in over 5 years, I suspect they will be even more reluctant now that the population has dropped. I hope OOO starts wiping islands and relocating all pirates/houses/stores/ported ships/etc. to nearby islands someday so that new islands can start to be opened.

The documentation in the yppedia seems incomplete, but if I read the official island opening thread correctly, the following are the last two rounds off island openings:

Aug 2006
Jul 2009
Nov 2011 (Both Hunter and Sage, wisely, choose to not open islands. I sure wish Cobalt did likewise.)
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