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Posted by JJAPS2 at Sep 25, 2013 2:50:56 PM
Re: Fruit Foraging: What controls the spawning of chests?
Since you are after the 3 columns, you need to have a higher puzzle standing (let's say Master for argument's sake) to have a high chance of getting a chest to spawn. Where as an able pirate would spawn more pineapples on average.

I've already addressed my concerns for this. I would seriously doubt that three rings would include a puzzle that provides a mechanical advantage to higher stats.

Why wouldn't OOO make the forage puzzle harder the higher your standing is? They do that for many other puzzles. E.g., bilge gets more colored pieces, shipwright gets larger blocks and more gold, sailing gets more platforms, etc.

AFAIK, this isn't based on standing, but rather the number of stars that the puzzle starts with (AKA the so-called "level") I always thought this was calculated separate from one's Standing.

This was the reasoning behind the asterisk in the OP, assuming they got through the "tutorial", the puzzle should be the same.

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