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Posted by JJAPS2 at Sep 25, 2013 12:58:27 PM
Re: Fruit Foraging: What controls the spawning of chests?
I believe, though probably not 100% right, that your puzzle standing is the answer. Your puzzle standing determines whether or not you provide basic (1), advanced (2), or expert labor(3).

This is not necessarily correct. It is true that puzzle standing is utilized for offline (AKA "reserve") labor. However, even if your puzzle standing is low, you can play the puzzle, pull a incredible, and output 1 hour of expert labor. When you enter the puzzle, you are (normally*) on the same level as everyone else, regardless of standing.

* Some exceptions for pirates just learning the puzzle with shorter boards (Ex. The first foraging board has only 3 smalls, so it's more difficult to get a Incredible on said board.)

Since you are after the 3 columns, you need to have a higher puzzle standing (let's say Master for argument's sake) to have a high chance of getting a chest to spawn. Where as an able pirate would spawn more pineapples on average.

I've already addressed my concerns for this. I would seriously doubt that three rings would include a puzzle that provides a mechanical advantage to higher stats.

Like with all labor puzzles you cannot provide 100% expert labor (sometimes its downgraded for the shop)

Well. . .in the other crafting puzzles you are generally shown what labor is required. If there is no Expert labor required on the queue, you know, prior to the puzzle receiving "official" status, whether or not your incredible would be downgraded. So if you continue the puzzle you accept that fact, and therefore it's your fault. There may be a exception with lack of PoE in the hold, but assuming it's coming from a order the escrow system prevents that. I'm not too too sure how stall reserve labor works.

so in forage it's spanned out in a tier format. So it would look something like this

5% Chest
35% Large Fruit
60% Small Fruit

I cannot confirm or deny this, but after all the foraging I've done and seen done, this is the only explanation I have for you.

1) Since you say puzzle standing is the primary factor, what standing do these percentages apply?

2) What do you mean a Tier format?

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