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Posted by JJAPS2 at Sep 25, 2013 5:59:37 AM
Fruit Foraging: What controls the spawning of chests?
So, I've been trying my hand at foraging, and getting used to the puzzle scoring/ dealing with all the bugs. However, I'm curious as to why it even matters at all.

For Example: This last session I was pulling Excellents/Low Incredible on the DR's. Pretty good. However, I did not get a single chest (or whatever the official name is for the 3-column boxes.) This is kind of important, as the difference between the value of the chests and the other fruit can be quite massive.

Meanwhile, I was playing rather poorly (or at least that's what the game thought,) and I get a Chest spawn. I'm fairly sure that I earned more PoE for that day's worth than the day I got Excellents.

Now, I totally understand that I'm using a sort-of flawed thought process here (Better performance at puzzle does not necessarily mean More PoE gained.) However, it feels like my performance on the puzzle. according to the DR, is 100% meaningless.

So. . .what controls the spawning of the chests?

I initially though that it factored scoring in (AKA If I'm doing well it throws in chests, if I'm doing poorly it doesn't) However, now I'm not so sure. Is there any way I can control when chests actually spawn?

This is really important when it pertains to combos. As far as scoring goes, making a few moves (and, if we're using medium sized boxes, perhaps taking a bit of a risk) to get a double/bigger chain is worth it (keyword here is "few".) However, if the "Excellent" I see afterwords is meaningless. . .what's the point? Why would I focus on combos if they result in no significant change whatsoever?

It feels like every other puzzle with a DR has a in-game effect based on that DR. Getting a better DR on a duty puzzle results in higher speed/ more move tokens/ more repair/more bilge pumping. Doesn't mean you'll instantly get more money for doing so, but it presents a greater opportunity to do so. (More speed = more the OIC can manuver around the enemy = greater Potential for advantage in the SF = greater potential for winning. Lots of potential, but nothing set in stone.) In the same way, higher crafting puzzle DR's result in higher grades of labor produced (which, although usually a increase in pay, is not guaranteed to be a increase in pay.)

Since I don't think that high DR effect chest spawn anymore. . .this isn't really the case for foraging. Quite frankly, my view of the puzzle currently is that a 24/24 day getting only Booched is MUCH BETTER than a 23/24 day getting mostly High Increds (with the exception of the dismissed board.) The high DR does NOT increase the potential for a higher payout in anyway, from what I have observed, however the loss of a crate resulted in a loss of money, resulting in a net decrease in payout.

So. . .what effects the spawn? Is it just the hope of the RNG? Does a better DR result in more chests? Is it standing, or experience? (I'm really hoping not, as it means A) game mechanical incentive to boosting, and B) Against the concept of all the other puzzles in the game.) Is it some other factor I don't know of?

This is Really important. . .if it's just a RNG then I'll just take every precaution possible to avoid a stuck crate and ensure a 24/24 day, and then just pretend the DR doesn't even exist. Why try for a Incred if it doesn't give me the potential to profit from it? Heck, if this is indeed the case then people may as well just forage CI style all the time, as the only thing that matters is how many of the 24 boxes you pick up and how much time you waste in doing so. . .

So. . .What controls the spawning of chests, and why do I care if I got a excellent on a foraging DR?

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