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Posted by upgrade431 at Sep 24, 2013 4:39:33 PM
Re: I Gotz A Question On Sf and Rumble
When the name of the bot comes up directly on your fighting screen, it means the bot that has just died was the bot you were teaming on. If it just shows up in the chat, it was another player on your team that killed the bot (or vis versa).

This also shows up in rumble in this example: You are on in a CI rumble fray. As a good CI-er, you defend your poor thrall who has 8 bots on him. Sadly, the bots overcome "Pirate's Thrall".

On your fighting screen, it will say Pirate's Thrall has been eliminated because you are defending the thrall.

Hope that helps
-Upgradde on Cerulean and Emerald Ocean

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