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Posted by Boyscout9 at Sep 18, 2013 3:19:21 PM
Re: Another question about stalls.... yes i know
My objective is to build capitol fast.

This will not happen initially but will happen over time. For instance, it took me 500k and 3 months to make a shipyard run on autopilot and produce nothing but profit. It also required a large labor force and a trade setup.

You need to decide several things before even beginning your stall. Are you transporting your own hemp or buying on the island? Is the island cheaper than transporting? Can you buy things dockside and still make a profit?

In order to pay for the dubs on labor badges you need to pay 16/17 for basic labor. Can you do this? Underpaying this amount will leave seasoned badge holders out of your hiring range. Are you running your own labor alts? If so do you know how many you need to maximize your stall? Are you using deluxe badges instead of basic badges?

What size stall are you running? Small stalls cannot hold a full boat of hemp, so do you have a storage boat for excess hemp for your stall?

How much start up money are you willing to invest? The smaller the number, the slower the growth to freedom and profit.

Remember you have to pay for the start up of the stall and the dub cost to open before you ever can claim profit.

What Island are you starting on? Is the weekly rent achievable with just sailcloth? How much sail cloth do you need to make to meet that? Can you make that much with the setup you've got?

Stalls require an immense amount of planning or startup capital to be "profitable". I never plan on a stall to create a profit sooner than 3 months. If it happens faster great, but remember you are entering a market with seasoned veterans who have loads of resources gathered over time.

You cannot assume the stall will build you capital fast. If you are going to do a weavry, first decide where you hemp is coming from and work from there.

I wish you luck. Last I saw you could make 4-6 poe per cloth transporting your hemp from malachite. That means you need to sell roughly 40,000 sail cloth per week to make 1,000 poe per day (depending on your weekly rent). Stalls are, for most of us owners, extra income and not what we depend on to make capital fast.

Now if have a lot of startup capital, look into black cloth...

Either way, as your first stall, you should expect to lose money until you learn your market, goods, and labor routes.

1. I do not own a we stall but I can make 100k a month from an IM just making cbs. Shipyard pulled in over 1mil in the last month thanks to the LEs.

2. I use the entire ocean and have a trade route backbone with 3 characters having the entire ocean memed for moving materials as needed.

3. Yes to both. You always profit moving your own stock.

4. You should have at least at a minimum either 100k in poe or a combination of 50k poe with labor already paid for and materials bid or bought. I started the shipyard with 300k. The IM I started with 10k and 50 dubs. Distill started with 200k. What you start with is whatever you want, just make a plan and work the plan.

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