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Posted by tony6r at Sep 18, 2013 4:45:29 AM
Another question about stalls.... yes i know
Hello everyone,

Okay well from browsing i learned that weaver stalls make the most amount of poe. Well, atleast for a beginner like myself.

well, my questions

1. How much do you make a day from your weave stall

2. What island do you use & what is best.

3. Do you buy stock from the island or player? AND if i did chose the route of buying from island would i profit? (If so please give an estimate if you can)

4. How much to start with?

Can you please try to be very descriptive with your answers, i've been playing for 6 years + but i've never really got into the game like with stalls and other things like that. So if your talking about something 7/10 i wont know what your talking about. My objective is to build capitol fast.

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