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Posted by cattrin at Sep 16, 2013 4:59:52 PM
Re: Limited Edition Portrait Background - From Shack to Hall Edition [Deadline: October 15th]
ANY feedback on how I can make it a winning entry would be MUCH appreciated!!!!

My guess is that they only accepted the backgrounds of yours they did to keep from exhausting a particular aesthetic.

For example, this background and your smuggler's hold one have a lot of objects, colours, textures and general themes in common. They might've just picked the one they liked better instead of both.

As for improving this one- I'd say it's too busy in areas that are commonly covered by clothing and pets. You have a ton of detail- perhaps too much to the point where it distracts from the pirate, becoming a focus instead of a background- and in the area above the pirate's head, by their right side, and right shoulder are where you have the most detail and colour that give the theme.

If the pirate ordering this background is as large as possible (meaning male, with a poofy hat, a familiar and a pet) would cover too many of the important details for it to be distinguished as a "black box enthusiast" background over just a messy pirate who is fond of grey.
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