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Posted by Zallia at Sep 1, 2013 2:30:33 PM
Help with these puzzles?
I've been on Puzzle Pirates for a long time but somehow I can never rank up. My bilging, and Patching is pretty good and easy for me to do but the ones that never work out for me is Sailing, Gunning, Carpentry, and Rigging. I've never really gotten the hang of them but I used to have ranks on them like proficient, but whenever I practice my rank shoots down.

I'm just curious on how I can be better. Mainly at Sailing and Carpentry because I know these may be easy but whenever I carpent I always go either over the board, or when I place my wood there's little holes and I just place random pieces to cover them up. During Sailing I just focus on filling up the boards but when I don't get the correct colors I just place them below and make rows at the bottom with the pieces that don't belong in the boards. I'd just like some tips on those two things, and possibly Rigging. During Rigging I get about 8 pieces all collected together but it says I booched which gets me confused while I thought I was doing quite good. I'd love to get some tips, or possibly even videos.

Thanks! :)

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