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Posted by Boyscout9 at Sep 1, 2013 1:45:11 PM
Re: Questions about how labor works.

One thing to NOT do is buy a deluxe badge, unless you own a shoppe.

This is both good and bad advice. But his point is well founded.

As foraging is the most reliable way of maximizing your badge investment (unless you are really new to foraging and do not get even splits of fruit...) this advice can turn into just "paying" for your badge. If you are looking to make money on labor badges consistently, deluxe badges will offer the most ROI if combined with forage.

The decision really needs to come down to one question: How much time do you want to invest in maintaining your labor badge investment? If you don't want to spend a lot of time at all get a shoppe job and work it once a week. If you want a good ROI, invest the time learn to forage consistently and find a reliable boat you can continually use for your jobbing. Get a shoppe job as backup, cause let's face it, life happens.

I start all my labor badge holders on basic badges while I build skill and time on the puzzle. Once I begin to see a ROI consistently, then I move them to a deluxe badge. It is worth to note, that I do run several stalls at maximum output per week. Because I control the order process, I have control of the labor utilization as mentioned in the previous post.

The choice is yours how you want to handle it. However, all of the advice given so far is accurate.

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