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Posted by xelto at Sep 1, 2013 5:10:21 AM
Re: Questions about how labor works.
My main reason for asking - given prevailing wages at stalls, and the exchange rate of dubloons, it seems important to maximize the output of a labor badge, by actually using all 24 labor hours every day. However, from how I understand the labor system, it seems like the only way to really guarantee this is to just use up labor on foraging, which then prevents any labor from getting used at stalls. Is it even worth trying to have a job, or should one just forage?

Get the jobs. Foraging only works if you remember-- and are able-- to log on every day, and do the work in a timely manner. In fact, back before I had any shops, I rarely foraged anyway-- only when the mood struck me.

Generally, shoppes come in three varieties: very good, but occasional pay; steady work but lower wages; and dead in the water. Try to get a job at one of the steady-but-not-great-wages places, so that all your labor gets used, and a couple at the great wages, but only occasional work. Don't forget that the minimum pay you want should cover the doubloon cost of the badge (at 2300/dub, that's about 16.5 PoE/hour). That will take some hunting-- and once you've found a place with wages like that, then you'll also need to watch how much work they give you, to make sure they're not dead in the water.

And if you're on Emerald, consider popping over to Sayer's Rock and taking a job at Elf Shot, purveyor of fine cutlery and the occasional cannonball. I offer reasonably steady work, most of the time.

One thing to NOT do is buy a deluxe badge, unless you own a shoppe. It's easy to lose hours with those, as you can use up all the available labor too easily if you're not the one controlling how much is needed.
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