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Posted by wrs1864b at Sep 1, 2013 4:27:17 AM
Re: Questions about how labor works.
You are correct on point 3. Both foraging and online puzzling of crafting puzzles use up "advance labor hours". You will not start producing offline labor until the those advanced hours have passed.

For foragers, getting a shop job is a good way of helping prevent lost labor, if you can't forage every day at the same time. Any labor hours that don't go to replenishing your advance hours used by foraging will then by tried to be used for the shop, and only if no shop can use it, will it be wasted.

I used to run a forage operation primarily to recruit employees. This was on a sub ocean where you couldn't just buy more labor badges and at a time when labor was extremely tight there. Sure, they employees that I recruited generally only gave a few hours per day, but sometime they would go days in a row without foraging and I would get all of it in my shop.
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