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Posted by randomact at Sep 1, 2013 3:38:49 AM
Re: Questions about how labor works.
Hello! I'll try to answer you as best I understand it. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

1. First of all, if the labor job has a puzzle, the pirate needs to have played it in the last 10 days for them to get any labor at all. Furnishing, tailoring and construction (this one doesn't get used often, regardless) still don't have a puzzle, so you don't need to do anything for those apart from take a job. When I've had badges, I've found it a lot easier to do the puzzle once a week, so I don't forget if my labor is up to date.
What you have said is correct, unless each of the stalls have too much labor. Each stall/shoppe has a maximum throughput of labor per hour. That article linked will give you an idea of how labor is allocated from employees, and what the max throughput is for each type of shoppe and stall.

2. As far as I'm aware, once those 4 hours are past they will show up as unused labor. So yes, 20 hours will be used and paid for, given that the stalls don't hit their max throughput as described above.

3. I'm not quite sure about this one... so I don't want to give you misinformation. Hopefully someone else can come in and tell you for sure!

In the past I've been asked to give labor at SW shoppes, and they've been able to guarantee that I'll get constant labor out of it to make some PoE. If you can find someone who can guarantee you labor, it makes things a lot easier. If not, you could always take jobs at a few places and monitor your labor usage with the in game tab. If you're not using enough (or any) labor, you can always switch to foraging to at least get something out of the badge. The only thing with foraging is you can easily lose hours out of your badge if you forget to do it one day, or you log on later than you thought you were going to. You can try to offset this by taking jobs at some stalls/shoppes (making sure you've done the puzzle recently), just in case you miss some forage hours.

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