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Posted by Teldrade at Sep 1, 2013 1:36:48 AM
Questions about how labor works.
I apologize if this is covered elsewhere; the search function on the forum doesn't seem to work quite right.

Reading the wiki, and a few other threads about labor, I'm not sure I understand quite how it works in various scenarios.

Scenario 1 -
A Pirate on a dubloon ocean purchases a labor badge, and then gets jobs at 3 random stalls, then logs off. The stalls all have plenty of orders in the queue. As I understand it, every real-time hour, that pirate will provide an hour of labor to one of the stalls, depending on pay rate & other factors. Is this correct? So, over the next 24 real-time hours, 24 hours of labor will be used & paid for?

Scenario 2 -
A Pirate gets a labor badge, 3 random jobs, and logs off. The stalls have no orders in the queue. 4 hours later, each stall gets a queue of orders. Does any of the unused 4 hours get applied now that the stalls have orders? over 24 hours, will only 20 hours of labor be used & paid for?

Scenario 3 -
A pirate gets a labor badge, 3 random jobs that all have orders in the queue, and then forages, collecting 12 fruits. This uses up 12 hours of 'advance' labor. So, over the next 12 real-time hours, will no labor be provided to any stall, and then after that stalls start getting labor at the rate of 1 hour per real-time hour? over 24 hours, 12 labor hours are used right away for foraging, and then 12 are used & paid for at stalls?

My main reason for asking - given prevailing wages at stalls, and the exchange rate of dubloons, it seems important to maximize the output of a labor badge, by actually using all 24 labor hours every day. However, from how I understand the labor system, it seems like the only way to really guarantee this is to just use up labor on foraging, which then prevents any labor from getting used at stalls. Is it even worth trying to have a job, or should one just forage?

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