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Posted by PirateYoHo90 at Aug 29, 2013 11:22:57 PM
Re: Auction House
I love the idea - an auction house is probably my most wanted in-game thingy.

However - I've seen out-of-game auction houses in other games, and they tend to suffer from disuse.

As such, do you have any ideas to make sure people use it? (Or does anyone else? I would give them, if I had them, alas.)

I'm not requesting it (yet) - I don't want to see you go to a ton of effort then not have it be populated.

It will not be used he is not OM , he can not police it he and users will get scamed!

Well it is pretty hard to get scammed. Because you still get to do the trade window.

and this is where the rating system will come into play if a pirate is not true to their auction others would give them a low rating

I also love the idea. Maybe to implement it we could post our auction link in the bazaar?

Would this be like ebay or like amazon? ;) I love ebay I have a 100% rating there ooooh yeah!

Edit -- if you need help let me know
Tinycat on Cerulean
Kattzzy on Emerald

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