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Posted by Robyand at Aug 29, 2013 4:01:59 AM
Puzzle experience event
I've noticed that many times the pirates with high experience in puzzles are called "no lifers" or other mean things. (I saw that some days ago on a ship: someone with Transcendent experience was almost insulted for having it). This made me think of an event to "pay" the pirates who spent a lot of time on puzzles.
--First of all, the event and rules will be announced on Events Thread
--What pirates have to do to participate? They only need to post their pirate name and ocean
--What contains this event? After the time for signing up expires, every competitor will be checked on his pirate page and give points for their puzzles experience
ex: Broad-1pts. Solid-2pts. Weighty-4pts. Expert-8pts. Paragon-16pts. Illustrious-32pts. and so on for each experience
--The person with the most points wins. About prizes, I'd like to see a familiar for top (tan or colored)
--I was also thinking about making categories Piracy/Carousing/Crafting/Overall, and every pirate is allowed to join only one category, but I suppose Overall should be the winner of the top prize
--Also I'm not sure if prizes for tops should be given on each ocean or only a winner for all oceans.

This is the main idea of the event; I would like to see what you think about it and if there is any chance to run such an event. I haven't seen any similar event in the past so it's going to be something new.

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