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Posted by PirateYoHo90 at Aug 28, 2013 11:09:48 PM
Re: What did you do to make your flag succesful?
I dont have my own flag but I've been around a lot and can tell you what makes them successful - aka owning a lot of islands and being able to cade:

-Time - hours that multiple people can devote to flag goals

And what makes them fail:
-Maturity/Immaturity (too much of either)
-Ambition that dies in a month (thats what I have)
-Discussing things that make others unhappy (such as high taxes)

However, you can become eminent and illustrious without islands which just requires a ton of puzzling pirates! Theres a ton more to the list but those are the ones that come to mind :)
Tinycat on Cerulean
Kattzzy on Emerald

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