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Posted by LJAmethyst at Jul 22, 2013 11:02:52 AM
Re: What to do with historical crew and flag categories?
Well, the information is being truly lost now, as I have detected many edits in the past 30 days which have overwritten the historical ocean name and not even placed it in the prose which is how I thought we agreed it shall be done.

Example edit
How I fixed it

It would be helpful if some other people helped me go through the history of edits in the past 30 days and recover this information. It can still be had in the article history, but of course as you know, that is "out-of-band" information and not useful to anyone but a hardcore editor who knows what she is looking for and knows where to find it already.

With pirates, it is even possible to know their former ocean by checking their yoweb trophies for the "<Ocean> Banner" trophy. This is not the case with crews.
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