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Posted by LJAmethyst at Jul 15, 2013 8:03:06 PM
Re: What to do with historical crew and flag categories?
Just a reminder to everyone that no actual information is being deleted in this process. Nothing in the historic record is being lost. Pages are merely being reassigned categories to better reflect the current state of the oceans and all data and records are being maintained.

If nothing is being lost, then where can I go to read a list of all crews active on the Sage ocean at the time of the merge?

I will also remind you that consensus can change. There were a lot of things going on during the ocean merge that some of us were occupied. I did not have a chance to voice my opinion at that time, I spoke up when I finally noticed that a historical category I had added for a crew or flag turned up red. It seems that there are other people interested in going a different way now as well. So perhaps we should re-evaluate the consensus today.

Can you point to talk pages where this consensus took place at the time? I was not privy to any public discussion of these decisions. I have found all kinds of talk pages where I brought up the subject later on, and only one person expressed any kind of opinion about it.

I still don't understand why these categories can't be preserved. It is not like an "either-or" situation where categories are mutually exclusive. These articles can be members of multiple categories. This will take very little work once the historical articles are all processed. It is not burdening anyone.

The general philosophy of the YPPedia that I have experienced is that we keep historical information. This is equivalent to a database query that yields useful results. The suggestions that have been made to find this information are not acceptable means of querying the database, as it were. The information that would remain would be "out of band" as it were, and not accessible in a meaningful way to the end-user, or even to editors, who may for example want to iterate over all members of a list. Those lists will be gone.
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