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Posted by Pianoman1125 at Jul 15, 2013 7:21:54 PM
Re: What to do with historical crew and flag categories?
Yes, you can resume porting crew and flag pages into original ocean defunct if they no longer exist or are no longer active and into new ocean if they are active on the new ocean. Once the old categories are gone, we'll take care of deleting the shells. In the flags and crews that are active on the new oceans, we've been taking great care to include a line "Originally formed on the X ocean" either in the header paragraph or first paragraph to maintain that information. Please try to keep that consistently included where appropriate.

Just a reminder to everyone that no actual information is being deleted in this process. Nothing in the historic record is being lost. Pages are merely being reassigned categories to better reflect the current state of the oceans and all data and records are being maintained.

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/edit Sorry, missed the second part of your question. Pirates were planned at some point but for right now, they can wait until after the crews and flags are all done.
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