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Posted by Franklincain at Jul 14, 2013 5:54:19 PM
Re: What to do with historical crew and flag categories?
No, pirates who still exist belong to the historical categories. See my pirate article.

And mine, as well, FWIW. ;-)
But then, that's because - AS I UNDERSTOOD at the time - that was "the way to do it" (i.e. it was in accordance with what I perceived to be the working consensus).

Now, if we go with my point (in this thread, above) about making a "defunct" set of categories for deleted/retired pirates, then I'll be yanking out those old categories from my pirate article. But for now, since it has been the consensus (as I saw it) to keep pirates in the old categories but update or else retire crews/flags, I'm complying with (my understanding of) the current consensus.

Hope this helps. ;-)
Franklin W. Cain (Pirate FranklinCain on Meridian and other Oceans)
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