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Posted by Fire_Prox at Jun 19, 2013 10:41:31 AM
Is this game dead or alive?
Hello everyone, well, I started playing Puzzle Pirates like 2 or 3 years ago, but I stopped playing it, I got bored eventually. Today, I've remembered this game, which I think is a great game to play with some friends, but it's pretty sad to see that it keeps being the EXACTLY same game, but with much less people, while I see other worse games growing and getting better.

I just wanted to ask you, if there is still someone, if Three Rings keeps working in this game and if it's playable even with such a low people playing, or if this game went bankrupt like some others and the staff members stopped doing anything for it. If the game is still active, please tell me, because I want to start playing with my friends.

It would be amazing if there were GOOD ideas to improve this game, which is very original and funny, and advertise it somehow. I've read some other posts and there are quite good ways to make everyone have a good experience: the players who play the game and the staff who gets enough money to keep working on it.

Sorry if I have a bad English, I'm Spanish. Thank you.

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