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Posted by Dexla at Jun 10, 2013 1:01:52 PM
Re: Trinkets from a lady...
What do you hope to accomplish when you post something expressing your general apathy towards the YPPedia and those working on it?

Either help, or don't help, but this 'maybe I'll help, maybe I won't, I don't care, maybe I'll take all my pictures and go home because no one notices the threads I derail with my helpfulness' crap is... just that.
Do you expect the Wiki volunteers to jump and fix things right away? Within a month? A year? I'm sure we'd all love that, but sadly, it's a voluntary job and I'm thankful any of it gets updated at all.

And yes, I remember, I'm not supposed to interact with you by your request. Unfortunately, a disrespectful and condescending tone seems to be the trend lately and I hate to be left out.
Dexla d'Midnight

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