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Posted by Notsizzly at Jun 9, 2013 2:40:37 PM
Re: Trinkets from a lady...
Sea turtles are pets? orly?

I'm pretty sure Ladyfi's collections are as complete as they can get these days hence why I have been mentioning her and praising her kindness.

Ok, I don't seem to have downloaded the ghost doll. Just curiously, though, you've seriously got so many images on Photobucket and/or your hard drive that you don't have the space to just leave them there?

There might be other reasons for removing them from Photobucket which may or may not include the lack of motivation to work towards improving the YPPedia and/or an intention to close the account. I think it is my right to choose to do either - and offering to store them on my computer if someone wants to pick them up for later use (as I have said previously couple of times), is still a nice gesture. You don't need to murder me because of that.
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