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Posted by Franklincain at Jun 9, 2013 1:50:40 PM
Re: Trinkets from a lady...
Just got back from visiting a sick relative, and just remembered to try another site for hosting image files...

Images should be available (as PNG files) here:
Would you be friendly enough and confirm to me if your images include the following: spring green, ice blue and banana cloth bags & cupcakes, gilded pins & signet rings & goblets, fancy hooks, courage-heart compasses, black ghost doll, hot buttered rum, sea turtles?

For all these:
  • cloth bags & cupcakes
  • gilded pins & signet rings & goblets
  • fancy hooks
  • courage-heart compasses
  • hot buttered rum
Yes, I do recall seeing several of each. I do not know, however, if any such sets were complete (i.e. at least one of each available color), so you might want to double-check in any event.

I do not recall seeing any ghost dolls, black or otherwise. (And sea turtles are pets. I saw lots of sheep and a few ponies wandering around loose in the basement, but I don't recall seeing any turtles anywhere. Sorry.)

Hope this helps! ;-)
Franklin W. Cain (Pirate FranklinCain on Meridian and other Oceans)
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