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Posted by Franklincain at Jun 9, 2013 4:15:23 AM
Trinkets from a lady...
Last night, while on a break during a blockade, a lady asked for my assistance. She wanted to upload several (hundred) trinkets to the Yppedia, but she did not know how to do so. Since she recognized me as someone who had uploaded data to the Yppedia before, she asked for my help.

I took screenshots of all the trinkets, and I've uploaded these screenshots to an album in my Facebook page. (There were over two dozen screenshots, so that was the only place I could put them.) You should be able to view these screenshots here:

(Edit: Since Facebook messed up the images, I've deleted that album...)

These trinkets are from various boxes, many from gold boxes, others from the various seasonal promotional gift boxes. I hope someone else will be able to take this from here. If need be, I can zip up these images and e-mail them directly to you; just please let me know via private message. ;-)

Franklin W. Cain (Pirate FranklinCain on Meridian and other Oceans)
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