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Posted by marundel at May 28, 2013 3:48:44 PM
Re: Something HAS to happen
You have to remember that on Cerulean there are no delivery fees for anything. It cost less poe to have a good time.

...we get the same poe pay out on pillages, smh, the doub oceans.

If you really do pay money for doubs to have all aspects of the game open to you, it actually cost you more in RL money to play on a doub ocean than on Cerulean. (Why do you think most players are sent to doub oceans?)

I think that a big problem is the amount of time it takes to make enough poe to buy a dub is un proportional

Just a reminder that the PoE price of doubloons on the green oceans is not set by OOO. It is set by the players who pay real-life money for the doubloons, and then sell them on the exchange for whatever PoE amount the "free" players are willing to pay. If you find yourself complaining about the high PoE cost of playing free, then you should either become a paying customer or accept the limitations of not having doubloons.

Unless and until there are more sellers than buyers of doubloons, the PoE price will stay high. Of course, you can also purchase your doubloons for real-life cash at about 25 cents a piece. This is not an issue on subscription oceans, where a month of unlimited play can run as low as US$4.16 with the long-term discount. If you play a lot, and you can't afford US$4.16 a month, then maybe you should stop playing and go get a better job.
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