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Posted by Notsizzly at May 28, 2013 9:12:21 AM
Re: Something HAS to happen
About making poe. I have to slightly disagree. Just this weekend, I went to Cerulean and saw blockades at 2k per seg, which would mean that the average jobber getting goods would make around the poe they need to buy a sloop, in one hour. I'll admit that's about it I know about sub ocean and cannot say anything if that's normal or just one weekend coincident. I'd say that for an hour of work that's fine?

On Emerald, the blockade pays are higher of course (okay, they seem to go average at....what, 5k per segment?) which comes to 30k per round - your sloop from the inn is 45-50k, so just 1.5-2 hours puzzling will get you the sloop as well even if you order one from the SY and pay in total about 56k for it. That's also nice, I think?

Poker can you earn you much more faster but in the long run, there's no need for a pile of poe unless you really use it for something (fund your SMH runs, blockades, buy collectables, give away).

That being said, I'll just go back to my inn corner...
~ Sizzly of Emerald ~
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